First mover advantage

Control Room with staff member moving through

Avanco has been on the ground in Brazil and the Carajás for a decade. This means that we have a first-mover advantage because our commitment to the region has given us the time to peg more ground than any other company and over that time, develop trusted relationships with our neighbours, communities and suppliers.

As the original Carajás Pioneer, Avanco has pegged over 1,800 square kilometres of ground for project development and exploration. This includes 100% ownership of one of the largest copper tenement land packages in the region. This is second only to industry major Vale which operates S11D, the world’s largest iron ore mine and the large Sossego and Salobo copper mines in the region.

Being first on the ground has also enabled us over time to build good local relationships.  We are not the largest miner, but we are known to be a company that does what it says, and this means that we have fostered good relationships, are trusted by our suppliers and looked up on favourably as a good company to do business and partner with. It also means that we have locked-in some of the best technical, administrative and support services suppliers.