ASX announcements

Date Title
23/11/2017 Drilling Confirms High Grade Gold at Centro Download
20/11/2017 CentroGold Exceeds 1.8 Million Ounces - Addendum Download
13/11/2017 CentroGold Exceeds 1.8 Million Ounces Download
25/10/2017 Quarterly Activities Report Download
11/10/2017 Investor Presentation Download
18/09/2017 Accelerated Acquisition of CentroGold Project Download
01/09/2017 Board Chnage Download
01/09/2017 Final Directors Interest Notice Download
28/08/2017 Interim Financial Report and Appendix 4D Download
28/08/2017 Interim Financial Report Presentation Download
17/08/2017 2017 Interim Results Conference Call Advisory Download
16/08/2017 Investor Presentation Download
08/08/2017 Antas Pit Infill and Expansion Drilling Results Download
03/08/2017 Pedra Branca East Exploration Update Download
26/07/2017 Quarterly Activities Report Download
21/07/2017 Noosa Mining Conference Presentation Download
20/07/2017 New Near Mine Exploration Prospect Indentified Download
13/07/2017 Second Quarter 2017 Preliminary Results Download
10/07/2017 Pedra Branca Resource Extension, Reserve Defintion Commenced Download
04/07/2017 Positive Assay Results from First Drill Hole Download
19/06/2017 Electromagnetic Equipment Yields Positive Results Download
26/05/2017 Results of Annual General Meeting Download
26/05/2017 Annual General Meeting Presentation Download
26/05/2017 Positive Pre-Feasibility Study for Pedra Branca Download
16/05/2017 Investor Presentation Download
09/05/2017 Change to ASX Reporting Classification Download
05/05/2017 Exploration Bolstered with Additional EM Equipment Download
01/05/2017 Initial Director's Interest Notice Download
27/04/2017 Quarterly Activities Report Download
27/04/2017 Quarterly Cashflow Report Download
26/04/2017 Notice of Annual General Meeting Download
26/04/2017 CentroGold Improved Mineral Resource Confidence Download
24/04/2017 Avanco Strengthens Board Independence Download
18/04/2017 First Quarter 2017 Preliminary Results & Reporting Calendar Download
28/03/2017 Appendix 4G Download
28/03/2017 2016 Annual Report Download
28/03/2017 Full Year 2016 Results Download
27/03/2017 Exploration and Projects to Advance with $10.6M Budget Download
20/03/2017 Revised Trading Policy Download
01/03/2017 Euroz Securities Initiates Research Coverage Download
28/02/2017 Avanco 2017 BMO Conference Presentation Download
31/01/2017 Quarterly Cashflow Report Download
31/01/2017 Quarterly Activities Report Download
30/01/2017 Avanco Management Appointment - Head of Corporate Affairs Download
24/01/2017 Appendix 3B Download
19/01/2017 CentroGold Resource Base Grows to Over 1.2M Ounces Download
05/01/2017 Change of Director's Interest Notice Download