Mr Tony Polglase

Executive Director, Managing Director

Tony Polglase

Mr Polglase has been Managing Director of Avanco since the company was formed and listed on the ASX in December 2007.

Mr Polglase started his career at the South Crofty Mine in Cornwall.  Subsequently he studied a degree in metallurgy at the Camborne School of Mines, which helped launch his career internationally, working for over 40 years across different mining disciplines for companies including  Ashanti, Rio Tinto, TVX and Invernia in Africa, Europe, the FSU and for the last decade in Brazil. Mr Polglase is recognised for his project management skills in the mining sector, notably critical evaluation, implementation and commissioning of mining projects.

Mr Polglase has a BEng Metallurgy from the Camborne School of Mines. He is fluent in Portuguese and resident in Brazil.